must-have office supplies to grow your side hustle

14 Must-Have Office Supplies to Grow Your Side Hustle Business 

Whether operating from a decked-out home office or a corner in your bedroom, having key office supplies to grow your side hustle will help drive your work success. 

Certainly, it will depend on the work you do. Some side hustles require phone or conference calling, while others demand consistent computer time. 

Regardless, having some of these essential items can make a difference in productivity and comfort. Check out our 14 must-have office supplies to grow your side hustle…


#1 Comfy Chair 


Hbada Office Desk Chair

A number of remote side hustling jobs have you sitting on your bum for hours. 

If you’re a freelance writer or virtual assistant, do yourself a favor—avoid a visit to your chiropractor. Get a comfortable chair instead. 

As far as home office chairs go, select one that has a long list of features. If it’s  adjustable, breathable, and ergonomic, it’s a smart long-term investment.  

Having a backrest that fits into the natural curve of the lower back does wonders in taking away any spinal pain. Those made with mesh material offer a great combination of support and flexibility.

We recommend the Hbada Office Desk Chair. The best part is its design; arms that fold in make it space savvy. This office chair is great for small apartments or newly created work nooks. 


#2 Lumbar Pillow


Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support for Office ChairAbout 80% of Americans will experience back problems at some point in their lives says a goodbody.com study. 

What’s more is that at least $50 billion annually is spent on treating back pain in the U.S

Needless to say, taking as many precautions as possible to limit this physical and financial cost is important. 

After all, you want your remote side hustle to help, not harm, you.

Working long hours in a seated position can aggravate back pain. If an ergonomic chair is not an option, a lumbar cushion is the next best thing. 

Whether you work from a dining chair or in bed, slipping a lumbar pillow behind your back provides benefits such as…

  • Relieving your mid/lower back pain. 
  • Improving spine alignment and promoting posture.
  • Releasing muscle tension.
  • Offering lumbar support.  


#3 Good Headset 


Logitech USB Headset H390 with Noise Cancelling Mic

Speaker phones, bluetooth options, in-ear headsets, and expensive headsets can be either faulty or really expensive.

For many remote workers, one of the needed office supplies to grow your side hustle is having a reliable headset. 


For one thing, a headset frees up both your hands to use a computer, handle documents, take notes, etc. 

This adds to your productivity. 

Wireless headsets offer additional freedom to move around during phone calls, up to 300 feet from your phone.

Another benefit is sound consistency. There’s nothing more disruptive than poor sound quality. Wearing a headset allows the microphone to stay in the same position as you move your head and speak. 

A headset with noise-canceling technology, like the Logitech Headset, has a microphone that filters out a majority of background sounds.This way your callers hear only you, even in noisy environments. It also enhances concentration on your work. 

Comfortable and effective, this headset is a good tool for online tutors, consultants, and online representatives. 


#4 Second Monitor


Acer R240HY

For some side hustling jobs, the use of dual monitors is a game changer. Here are a few reasons why…

  • Increased productivity. If you’re offering coding services, for example, having a second monitor in your workspace can enhance productivity. One screen can be used for source coding and the other for programming. Using dual monitors means you no longer need to toggle back and forth between tabs. This reduces errors and frees up time to complete more projects.
  • Better multitasking. For some jobs having adequate screen space adds to efficient multitasking. As customer service reps and web designers, you will no longer waste time switching between tabs and resizing windows to fit the limited space; you can now focus on completing tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • Easier cutting and pasting. Side hustles that include creating newsletters or PowerPoint presentations benefit from having dual monitors, which enhance visibility for cutting and pasting. This reduces chances of making errors which would take time in correcting. 

Check out the Acer R240HY as a high-quality option. 


#5 Bluetooth Speakers


UE Roll Volcano SpeakerAnother option for receiving work calls is to use a bluetooth speaker. 

A built-in mic allows for hands-free calling, offering more freedom and movement if needed for multitasking. 

The speaker is loud enough that you can clearly hear the person on the other end, making it a good choice for a business phone call meeting.

The UE Roll Volcano Speaker is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless audio profiles. 


#6 Effective Lighting 


JolyJoy Modern Architect Table LampProper lighting is one of the essential office supplies to grow your side hustle. 

Having the right LED lighting, in particular, can make a difference in your work experience (and productivity). 

LED technology increases concentration and alertness. Additionally, the bulbs consume 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, lasting for 50,000 hours. This makes such lamps both cost-effective and efficient.  

With most remote jobs requiring screen time of some sort, using LED lighting is key. It is eye care considerate. Even light that is flicker-free keeps shadows, halos, and troublesome glares away. 

A well-designed lamp like the JolyJoy Modern Architect Table Lamp has a long swing arm that allows for flexibility and easy positioning over desk surfaces and monitors. The compact clamp is space saving as it takes little more than the side of a table, desk, or shelf.


#7 Surge Protector


Bototek Surge ProtectorHaving your workspace at home means sharing electrical outlets and protecting your devices and home appliances from overload.

The last thing you want is to fry the laptop, tablet, or smartphone you depend on for your side hustle. 

It’s a good idea to invest in a surge protector like Bototek Surge Protector

to shield against spikes and fluctuations that can happen when there are multiple electronics being used. 


#8 Adjustable Desk  


SHW Height Adjustable Computer Desk

We have all felt it before—cramped legs and sore backs from working at a desk or table for a long time. 

Prolonged sitting or being hunched over our laptops affects posture and is harmful to the spine. 

If you have the room for it, a height-adjustable desk is ideal as a flexible working surface. With the capacity to transition from sitting to standing, it can offer your body healthy benefits. 

Some of the positive effects of an adjustable desk are…

  • Reduction in back pain.
  • Less stress and fatigue and increased energy.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Less weight gain and more calorie burning.

The occasional shifts in the body’s position and posture are not only essential for the body but the mind as well. 

We recommend you check out the SHW Height Adjustable Computer Desk


#9 Laptop Stand


Soundance Laptop Stand

We might not be able to have the ideal adjustable desk. But, there is another feasible option. 

To modify the height of your laptop to limit discomfort, a laptop stand is a great ergonomic tool for the remote worker because, when you position your laptop correctly, you reduce strain on your neck and hands. 

We recommend the Soundance Laptop Stand. Propped up, the stand protects your laptop from accidental spillage and allows the device to stay cool. 



# 10 Desk Organizer


SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer

Organized office space = organized work. 

It’s amazing how a cluttered environment can negatively impact productivity. 

It’s much harder to find what you need when your space is messy and disorganized.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University have found that physical clutter poorly affects your focus and ability to process information. 

The mess is distracting! 

Clutter forces you to shift focus, overloads your senses, reduces your creative thinking, and increases your stress level. 

This is why even small office supplies can help grow your side hustle. A simple desk organizer to keep files, notes, and materials in place can make a big difference in work effectiveness.  


#11 Coffee/Tea Maker


Hamilton Beach 49982 Programmable Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser

There’s nothing like the morning ritual of making a cup of coffee or tea to jumpstart your day. This Hamilton Beach actually makes both.

Having a machine to make your brew is a positive addition to a designated work space at home. 

Not only is it convenient to have, but the aroma of coffee beans and tea leaves inspires.  

Plus, caffeine has a way of adding a kick to your step. 




#12 Visible Clock & Timer 


Hexagon Rotating Timer

One of the best office supplies to grow your side hustle is one that helps with time management… 

Get a clock/timer. Not only does the clock help you keep track of your day, but the timer encourages you to take needed breaks. 

Creating a work-life balance is key to prevent burnout. Taking a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day helps you get a creativity boost, prevent eye strain and other ergonomic issues, and lower stress. 

Plus, if you have a time-oriented side gig like giving online classes or offering consultations, having a visible clock/timer can keep you on track.


#13 Back Posture Corrector


Gearari Posture Corrector For Men And Women

It happens to the best of us. We catch ourselves slouching after sitting for long periods of time. This is prone to happen in remote jobs that require a lot of use of our phones and laptops. 

Your posture doesn’t have to suffer. Having a back posture corrector helps with soreness of back and shoulders. And it will save you on trips to the chiropractor! 




#14 Air Purifying Plant


Green Sansevieria Trifasciata Zeylanica Live Snake Plant

One of the most overlooked office supplies to grow your side hustle is having plants in your workspace. 

Their natural energy impacts moods positively. Their green color reduces stress. Best of all, their superpower is air purification. 

The 2015 Human Spaces Report shares that work environments incorporating natural elements had a 15% higher well-being score and a 6% higher productivity score than offices without such elements.

With such a simple addition that adds to the effectiveness of your side hustle work life, why not add a plant into your home office? 

Snake plants are low-maintenance, resilient succulents that can grow anywhere between 6 inches to several feet. 

They clean air better than most other indoor plants as they have the ability to absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide.

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your home office space healthy and productive. 


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