How to Make Money Side Hustling Now amid the Health Crisis

How to Make Money Side Hustling Now Amid the Health Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has put millions of jobs at risk. Employers are being forced to cut pay, reduce hours, and even let people go. Travel has come to a halt. And events have been canceled.

While it might seem like the sky is falling, there is a silver lining…

The gig economy is booming.

No matter who you are, where you live, or whether you have a full-time job or not, one thing is for sure: amid this pandemic, there are ample opportunities to make money side hustling now.

According to Julia Pollak, an economist at ZipRecruiter,

“This crisis is really a breakout moment for gig companies and for delivery companies in particular. That shift to e-commerce, which was already happening very rapidly, is just going to accelerate.”

With more shelter-in-place orders from state governments and people wary of traveling outside of their homes, the demand for delivery drivers, couriers, storage and warehouse workers, and online tutors is only going up.

Here are a few ways you can make money side hustling now.


#1 Amazon Is Hiring

Now Hiring

With more people online shopping to get their supplies, the demand for delivery drivers and warehouse help has significantly increased.

Amazon announced it plans to hire 100,000 new workers. In the announcement on their blog, executive Dave Clark wrote:

“We are opening 100,000 new full and part-time positions across the U.S. in our fulfillment centers and delivery network to meet the surge in demand from people relying on Amazon’s service during this stressful time, particularly those most vulnerable to being out in public.”

He also added Amazon will increase pay for workers by an additional $2 through the end of April.

To learn more or to apply, visit www.amazon.com/jobsnow.


#2 Deliver Food

Deliver Food side hustle

Another way to make money side hustling now is to deliver food for DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, or Grubhub.

The demand is higher than ever with restaurants being forced to offer deliver-only or pickup services to patrons.
Tony Xu, CEO and Co-founder of DoorDash, stated in a recent blog announcement that his company is working to “provide commission relief and marketing support for new and existing DoorDash partner restaurants to help them generate up to $200 million in additional sales this year.”

This means there is more opportunity for you to make money side hustling now.

To protect their drivers and customers, DoorDash is shipping more than 1 million sets of free hand sanitizer and gloves to Dashers and Caviar couriers. Also, “leave it at my door” is the new default option for drop-off.

For those restaurant workers who have been let go or whose hours have been cut, DoorDash is working to support them and their families. According to Xu,

“We are creating a priority access program to help these workers sign up as Dashers and begin making deliveries safely, enabling them to meet their financial needs until their jobs return to normal.”

Click here to read the full statement.


#3 Grocery Stores Need Stockers & Delivery Drivers

Grocery store stocker

To limit the contact with other people, major chains and local grocery stores have ample openings for delivery staff and shelf stockers.

Major chain Safeway announced it’s hiring for 2,000 full-time and part-time (with paid training and other benefits) due to the demand. Ask store management at your local Safeway, or apply at www.safeway.com.

Kroger says it also has “immediate positions available… across our retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.” To apply, speak to your local store manager, or apply online at www.jobs.kroger.com.

Grocery delivery services and apps such as Instacart are also hiring right now.

There are two ways to make extra money through Instacart:

    1. If you really like grocery shopping, sign up to be an In-Store Shopper. All you have to do is receive an order through the app on your smartphone, shop in the store, and prepare an order for pickup. There’s no car required.
    2. Become a Full-Service Shopper and shop for groceries on demand and deliver them to the customer’s door. You choose the hours you work.


When side hustling for Instacart, you must be able to lift 50 lbs with or without help.

To protect the health and safety of workers and customers, Instacart released new shopper safety guidelines–from paid sick leave to the rollout of the “Leave at My Door Delivery” option available across North America. You can read the statement here.

Make money side hustling now and get paid to shop with Instacart.


#4 Teach Online

Make Money side hustling by Teaching Online

Online schools are booming now that millions of children are out of school.

Outschool is hiring teachers (you can make up to $40/hour) to meet demand. Zip recruiter also has a list of lucrative online tutoring opportunities.

If you have a neighborhood Facebook group or church group, reach out and offer your tutoring services. All you need is Skype or Zoom or another video conference software to get going.

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