Teacher Side Hustles

Why You Need to Start Your Teacher Side Hustle Now 

I’m betting you didn’t go into education for the money or to have to find teacher side hustle jobs. 

You became a teacher because you wanted to make a difference.

But, you still need to earn enough money to pay the bills.

And, as you know, teaching alone doesn’t cut it.

For years, teachers have been battling low wages. For example, Payscale reports teachers make 50% less than other professions requiring four-year degrees

According to the report, “The average weekly wages of public school teachers, when adjusted for inflation, decreased by $30 per week from 1996 to 2015. But, in contrast, the weekly wages of college graduates, on average, rose from $1,292 to $1,416 over this period.”

The weekly wages have not gotten better.

And that was before the pandemic forced schools across the nation to close this past spring. 

After years of fighting for more funding for schools and higher salaries for teachers, the virus has brought any potential raises to a halt. 

EdWeek reports, “Already, several states have reduced anticipated pay raises for teachers.”

This explains why teacher side hustle jobs are on the rise.

According to an NEA (National Education Association) Today report, 1/3 of teachers work a summer job and “about 20 percent of teachers hold second jobs during the school year, accounting for roughly 9 percent of their annual income.”

Krista Degerness, a teacher in Colorado, explains in NEA Today, “We work second jobs because our salaries alone are not sufficient to pay our bills, let alone save for the future.”

Whether your teaching job has been affected by recent budget cuts or you simply need to make more money, teacher side hustle jobs can help you survive inside and outside the classroom. 

What Are the Benefits of a Teacher Side Hustle Job? 


Teachers get tired of hearing how lucky they are to have the summer off–because it is untrue! 

Teachers use their summer months to plan for the upcoming school year.

And, according to NEA Today, “Overall, 16 percent of teachers have non-school jobs over the summer.”

That’s not counting the school-related jobs teachers take on to make extra money, such as teaching summer school and coaching.

Many teachers have found summer side gigs that help supplement their income.

However, others use their time outside of the classroom, including holiday breaks and evening hours, for their side hustles.

More and more teachers are finding ways to earn money with their side hustles during the pandemic.

You can use the extra money to cover the bills your measly teaching salary won’t cover, as well as have enough extra money for Christmas and vacations.

Or, you can use the extra money to pad your savings account or pay down debt. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, there is another benefit of having a side hustle. 

You’ll have something to fall back on if the virus upends the school year as it did last year. 

Or, if you are worried about returning to the classroom right now, it can help you earn some extra money as you transition into a new career.

Teacher Side Hustle Jobs during the Pandemic 

Virtual Teaching

The 2020-2021 school year is the perfect time to start a teacher side hustle because there are ample opportunities outside the classroom for you to earn money.

Let’s be honest. This school year is looking like a mess – no matter where you live and teach.

You may be asked to work for your school virtually, follow a hybrid model, or teach in the classroom with a face shield and mask.

Parents and teachers alike are both troubled by what this year is expected to look like (even with the best proposed options). 

K12 Newsroom reports, “More parents are seeking out virtual charter schools as open enrollment applications for the upcoming academic year are up 51% compared with 2019-20.

If you have ever wanted to work from home and teach virtually, now is the time.

Virtual teaching is not the only growth opportunity for teachers.

According to Fox News, “As uncertainty grows over whether schools should reopen this fall amid spiking coronavirus cases, some parents across the country are reportedly shelling out money for private teachers to educate their children at home.”

These so-called pandemic pods are seeking teachers to teach a group of children so that the parents can go back to work.

This idea isn’t entirely new. Homeschool co-op programs have long hired teachers to teach subjects the parents don’t feel confident teaching. 

And, that’s not all.

Distance learning has proven to be difficult for parents and students.

Many teachers are finding teacher side hustle jobs as private tutors right now.

PBS WHYY explains, “Requests for long-term tutoring services have exploded on social media across the country in recent weeks, often fueled by anxious middle and upper-class parents […] Tutors can expect flexible hours and likely the opportunity to teach in-person — while exposing themselves to fewer students and making what could be a much better hourly wage.”

Distance learning has also been a struggle for many teachers who are not as comfortable using technology.

Some educators have started a teacher side hustle helping teachers learn how to use technology and online teaching platforms effectively. 

As you can see, there is a huge opportunity for teachers to take what they know and love and use it in their teacher side hustle.

18 Side Hustle Ideas for Teachers

Side Hustle Ideas for Teachers

Here are 18 of the most popular side hustles teachers can use to ensure they have steady income.

  • Teach for private pods – Apply for one of the many pandemic-pod teaching positions. These teachers will work with a small group of children allowing parents to return to work.
  • Teach in a homeschool co-op – Homeschool co-ops hire teachers to cover subject matter parents are uncomfortable teaching.
  • Work as a private tutor – Tutors are in high demand due to distance learning. This is a great way to use your skills to earn more money.
  • Teach education technology – Offer your services to other teachers in need of learning how to be an effective virtual teacher.
  • Teach English online – Companies, like VIPkid, pay teachers to teach Chinese students how to speak English. With time zone differences, you can teach this class when you are not working in your classroom. 
  • Teach a course onlineTeachers can create their own online courses and offer the courses through sites like Udemy. You can make up a course based on the subject you currently teach or simply one you are passionate about that you think others are interested in.
  • Write curriculumUse your skills as a lesson planner to get paid to write curriculum and lesson plans. You can apply for this job through an education company or work as a freelancer.
  • Score testsThere are a variety of work-from-home test scoring options for educators. For example, The Balance claims, “ETS hires constructed-response scoring professionals, who evaluate written short answers or essays, spoken responses, and portfolios, as part-time employees to read for The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP) testing programs and raters for the TOEIC, TOEFL, Praxis and GRE programs.”
  • Edit test and textbook materialsAlong these same lines, you can find a side hustle working as a test and textbook editor for a corporate education company.
  • Be a driver or delivererOne of the most popular teacher side hustle jobs is being a driver or deliverer. For instance, according to Teach.com, “Uber noticed the rise in teachers becoming drivers, so they developed their own teacher/driver initiative.” In addition to driving for ridesharing apps, many teachers have success as shoppers and delivery drivers for companies like Shipt, Doordash, and Instacart.
  • Offer childcareParents already trust you with their kids in the classroom, so offer childcare services to make some extra money. 
  • Sell your teaching materialsTeachers are always looking for great teaching materials rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. If you upload your teaching materials and lesson plans to the site Teachers Pay Teachers, you can earn money with the resources you already have. 
  • Teach Driver’s EdIf you are brave enough to sit in a car with a teen learning to drive, then you can make money as a Driver’s Ed teacher after school hours. 
  • CoachFor those with athletic ability, look for opportunities to make money coaching others in your local community, such as coaching youth soccer or teaching dance. Side Hustle Nation claims, “Youth soccer coaches earn $18 to $25 per hour while dance teachers earn $20 per hour.”
  • Write, blog, edit onlineIf you love to write, use your love of words and understanding of grammar to earn some money by freelance writing, blogging, or editing online through sites like Upwork.
  • Sell your craftsAre you a maker? Open your own Etsy shop and get to making! 
  • Resell your stuffIf you are in need of some quick cash, consider selling your stuff, such as clothes, books, and furniture, on sites like Facebook Marketplace. You can also make money taking clothing and items to consignment shops. 
  • Become a photographerFor those who are good with a camera, you can turn your photography hobby into a lucrative teacher side hustle. Start by offering to take photos for families in your neighborhood or selling your images to stock photo sites.


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